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Hyundai G.F. Holdings

Hyundai G.F. Holdings generates the future of Hyundai Department Store Group.

Hyundai G.F. Holdings leads the future growth and
responsible management of Hyundai Department Store Group.


Hyundai G.F. Holdings plays the role of a control tower for guiding the future business direction of Hyundai Department Store Group to lead consistent growth.

In addition, Hyundai G.F. Holdings supports optimized business strategies according to the characteristics of each affiliation that operates their business in various fields from distribution and fashion to living, food, and healthcare.

Based on the business direction of "With your Life, Better your Life," Hyundai G.F. Holdings will develop Hyundai Department Store Group into a comprehensive lifestyle company.

November 8, 2023. CEO Jang Hojin

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