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Hyundai G.F. Holdings

Hyundai G.F. Holdings generates the future of Hyundai Department Store Group.

Hyundai Department Store Group established a holding company system
focused around Hyundai G.F. Holdings.
Hyundai G.F. Holdings will lead the sustainable growth of Hyundai Department Store Group by
taking the initiative discovering new growth engines while strengthening the competitiveness of existing businesses, including distribution, fashion, living, and general food.
CEO, Address, Established, Listed
CEO Chung Ji-sun, Jang Ho-jin
Address 13th floor, Teheran-ro 98-gil 12, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Established 2023. 03. 02
Listed 2023. 04. 10
현대지에프홀딩스 CI
The emerald green color on the left symbolizes Hyundai G.F.Holdings. The dark yellow on the right represents the
happiness of customer, and the black in the middle signifies our high-end, elegant style.The company on the left
and the customer on the right are joined in harmony in the black zone in the middle.
The “D” in the center signifies the “Dream of the Future”.
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