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Talent Management

We cultivate people of great potential that build the future of Hyundai Department Store Group

Talent and Training System

To achieve the vision of becoming “a company with the highest level of customer trust”,
Hyundai Department Store Group is striving to foster the talent with whom it will create the future.


In alignment with its VISION 2030, Hyundai Department Store Group has declared a new talent profile for individuals who: “Always take on challenges with passion and pride”, “Initiate changes through innovative thinking and learning”, and “Grow together with others by communicating and cooperating”. Hyundai Department Store Group is making continued endeavors to foster talent for the new, rapidly-changing era.

Talent Invited to Join the Group in Creating the Future


Always takes on challenges
With passion and pride

Understands and relates to the Group’s mission and vision.
Willing to enhance the company’s and their own values by fulfilling their responsibilities to the end.
Sets up ambitious goals and takes on challenges with confidence and without the fear of failure.
Improves their own competitiveness with the experience of the new challenges and views these as another opportunity to challenge themself.

Initiates changes through
innovative thinking and

Removes inefficiencies in the ways of doing work, to focus on what is most valuable.
Always predicts and asks what knowledge and skills will be needed in the future, and responds in a manner that is one step ahead.
Quickly identifies the latest information and changes in the digital environment to apply them in work.

Grows together with others
by communicating and

Solves problems through constructive feedback and collaboration based on mutual empathy.
Listens to the end to leave no doubts, articulates ideas, asks questions with confidence, and answers with kindness.
Cultivates the ability to persuade others based on objective, trustworthy data, and has the ability to make decisions.

Training System

Hyundai Department Store Group operates a “job course pass system”, which is a mandatory training course designed to enhance the leadership capabilities required for each job title, based on each of the “Leadership Ways”.

The business manager
presents visions and designs
the strategies for growth

Manages crises for continued growth and presents visions for future endeavors

The team leader fosters the team members and provides leaderships for changes and innovations

Fosters the team members,
delegates authority in an effective manner, motivates the members of the organization, and manages the corporate culture

The performance leader is a specialist who establishes detailed strategies for achieving the company goals and creating outcomes

Communicates as required in the collaborative management of the corporate culture for the purpose of establishing strong teamwork

The working-level employee is an active learner and a thinker who turns their ideas into a reality

Addresses issues, has a creative mindset, establishes their own growth strategy, and has self-development skills

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