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ESG Management

Hyundai Department Store Group is conducting sustainable development through eco-friendliness,
socially responsible management, and the improvement of its corporate governance.

Guide to Ethical Management

  • Hyundai Department Store Group regards “ethics” as the very first priority in all of its business operations, and goes about every task in a
    transparent, fair, and reasonable manner.
  • Our corporate philosophy is to become a company that is loved and trusted by all stakeholders, be it the customer, stockholder,
    partner businesses, employees, country, or our society, by fulfilling the responsibilities and duties we have as
    a member of that society and continuing to amplify the values of our company.

Ethical Management

Taking clear norms as the basis, Hyundai Department Store Group runs an ethical practice team, continuous training,
and a monitoring system to ensure the solid practice of ethical management.

  • 01

    Efficient Management
    for Stockholders

    - A culture of solid meritocracy
    - Sound and transparent management
    Efficient Management for Stockholders
  • 02

    for Customer Satisfaction

    - Protect our customers’ right and interests
    - Create advanced lifestyles and culture
    Management for Customer Satisfaction
  • 03

    Cooperation and
    Transparent Management

    - A solid and transparent transaction
    - Reasonable mutual development
    Cooperation and Transparent Management
  • 04

    Socially Responsible Management for the Country and Society

    - Comply with social order and regulations
    - Fulfill our social responsibilities
    Socially Responsible Management for the Country and Society
  • 05

    Respectful Management for Employees

    - Create a flexible and creative
    corporate culture
    - Fulfill our responsibilities for
    mutual development
    Respectful Management for Employees

Ethical Management Activities

  • Establish regulations
    and systems

    • Ethical norms (Ethical Charter, Code of Ethics, Ethics Practice Guidelines)
    • Run a reporting/whistleblower channel (Ethics Reporting Center)
  • Training

    • Pledges of ethical conduct from all employees
    • Training on the practices of ethical management
  • Ethical practice team
    and monitoring

    • A department is dedicated to ethical management (Bureau of Ethical Practice)
    • Compliance inspections and internal inspections (Internal Transactions Committee)
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