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ESG Management

Hyundai Department Store Group is conducting sustainable development through eco-friendliness,
socially responsible management, and the improvement of its corporate governance.

Goals and Directions

Hyundai Department Store Group aims to build a virtuous cycle,
where it provides “hope” to the future generation and in return grows as a company by receiving their “trust”.

  • Environmental, Social, Governance

    Strengthen the trust with the customers and consumers by creating the social value


    in the creation of
    social values
  • Virtuous Cycle

  • Business

    Grow based on
    customer trust

    The Pursuit of Profit, Sustainable Growth, etc.

    Sustainable Growth based on the trust of the customers and consumers, and reinvestment in creating social value
E (Environmental)
Environmental Management

Create an environment filled with hope
for the future generation

Create eco-friendly values across the general management
practices to foster a sustainable environment.
(develop eco-friendly products/services)
S (Social)
Social Contribution

A company that brings hope for future life

Instead of only making donations, develop and implement
projects that can contribute to solving social issues.
G (Governance)
Corporate Governance

Establish transparent and trustworthy
corporate governance

Enhance the level of trust by implementing shareholder-friendly
policies and transparent information sharing

Directions of ESG Implementation

We will lead the way in practicing the 3C values of Clear, Clean, and Compliant practices by implementing the ESG management strategies.

  • Clear

  • Clean

  • Compliant

ESG Management Implementation Process

ESG Management Implementation Process
  • Hyundai Department Store Group
    • Headquarters for Planning and Coordination(in charge for implementing ESG management)
      • Working group
        • Hyundai Department Store
        • Hyundai Home Shopping
        • Hyundai Department Store Duty Free
        • Handsome
        • Hyundai Green Food
        • Hyundai Livart
        • Hyundai L&C
        • Hyundai IT&E
        • Hyundai Futurenet
        • Hyundai Rental Care
        • Hyundai Dream Tour
        • Hyundai Ezwel
        • Hyundai Everdigm
        • Hyundai Bioland
        • ZINUS


  • Headquarters for Planning and Coordination: Establish the group strategies, perform communication works, review the policy implementation, etc.
  • Working group (once every quarter): Establish and implement the future projects for each company.
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