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Hyundai G.F. Holdings

Hyundai G.F. Holdings generates the future of Hyundai Department Store Group.

Hyundai G.F. Holdings (KOSPI: 005440) holds a total of 25 affiliated companies, consisting of 9 companies listed on KOSPI,
3 companies on KOSDAQ, and 13 unlisted companies.

Listed Subsidiaries

  • 현대백화점
    An online and offline life platform that offers unique and differentiated products for a customer’s lifestyle.
  • 현대홈쇼핑
    A company with a focus on customer satisfaction that offers the finest online shopping experience.
  • 현대그린푸드
    Hyundai Green Food is an integrated food company that is leading the culture of food in various areas.
  • 현대한섬
    Korea’s No. 1 Leading
    Fashion & Lifestyle Company
  • 현대리바트
    A total interior company that designs not only furniture, but the entire space for your everyday life.
  • 현대에버다임
    A global enterprise that is building the future.
  • 현대바이오랜드
    A comprehensive healthcare company specializing in the production and sales of cosmetic, health supplements, and bio medical ingredients.
  • 현대이지웰
    A specialized welfare platform company that creates the standards of welfare for Korea
  • 현대퓨쳐넷
    A media contents company offering innovative digital experiences to customers.
  • 지누스
    A global, online furniture and mattress company providing a happy space to people around the world
  • 대원강업
    A specialized manufacturer of automobile springs and seats with over 70 years of history
  • 삼원강재
    A company specializing in the production of automobile spring materials
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