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We introduce you to Hyundai Department Store Group
a comprehensive lifestyle and culture company that will enhance your value.

We are committed to becoming a company
with the highest level of customer trust.
Ever since its establishment in 1971, Hyundai Department Store Group has evolved to provide a
comprehensive lifestyle and culture, by expanding its business areas to include distribution, fashion, food,
total living, digital, IT, rentals, travel and selective welfare, construction, bio, health, and beauty products.
Going forward, the Hyundai Department Store Group will boost its competitive power in each business area,
and will actively seek to enter into new business fields with high growth potential in the future.
Hyundai Department-Store
Hyundai Department-Store Duty Free
Hyundai Home Shopping
Hyundai Futurenet
Hyundai IT&E
Hyundai Everdigm
Hyundai Bioland
Hyundai Dream Tour
Hyundai Ezwel
Total living
Hyundai Livart
Hyundai L&C
Hyundai Green Food

After 50 Years of Both Passion and Challenges,

We Are Writing a New Chapter
in Our History to Last Over 100 Years
Chung Ji-sun, Chairman of Hyundai Department Store Group
Chung Ji-sun, Chairman of Hyundai Department Store Group

Starting under the name Keumgang Development Industries in 1971, Hyundai Department Store Group has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle and culture company, expanding its area of business to cover the entire realm of clothing, food, and housing.

“Facing an endless series of bold and passionate challenges” would be an excellent summary of the Group's history.

The very start of these challenges was presented when we entered the department store business. When the Group made its foray into this business, as a latecomer in the 1980s, concerns over possible failure outweighed the expectations of success. However, Hyundai Department Store Group was passionate about breaking with conventions and creating a department store that could offer brand new value to customers. With this passion, it opened up a new horizon with a “top-end, cultural department store”. The department store has grown to become the Group’s key business ever since.

Building on the success of the Hyundai Department Stores was not always easy, but we did not back away from moments of crisis. Instead, we turned them into opportunities to expand our business even further.

Later on, Hyundai Department Store Group established its management philosophy: “Bring Happiness to Customers, Enrich the World”. The Group went on to fully diversify its businesses, such as with food, fashion, living, and beauty, while stepping into outlet and duty-free operations and reinforcing the distribution sector, which has become a key business for the Group. In this way, the Group has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle and culture company.

It is based on this power and confidence that we are now seeking to grow further, while offering better value for our customer’s lives. As “the company most trusted by customers” with a positive influence on our society, we will continue to grow and write a new chapter in the history of the Hyundai Department Store Group that will continue well beyond 100 years.

Jung Ji-sun, Chairman of Hyundai Department Store Group
Company CI
  • Hyundai Department Store Group CI
    The CI of the Hyundai Department Store Group signifies both the present and the future of the Group.
    Hyundai Department Store Group sets itself apart as a company with the highest level of customer trust, whose standing as a top-end brand is reflected in the Group’s mission to “bring happiness to customers and enrich the world.”
  • Hyundai Department Store Group logotype
    The highly noticeable and legible logotype delivers a robust and stable image of the top-end brand that the Hyundai Department Store Group represents.
  • Hyundai Department Store Group brand
    The corporate identifier is the foundation of the Group’s corporate identity.
    Hyundai Department Store Group has applied its corporate identifier with consistency.
  • Hyundai Department Store Group color
    The emerald green color on the left symbolizes Hyundai Department Store. The dark yellow on the right represents the happiness of customer, and the black in the middle signifies our high-end, elegant style.
    The company on the left and the customer on the right are joined in harmony in the black zone in the middle. The “D” in the center signifies the “Dream of the Future”.
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