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We introduce you to Hyundai Department Store Group
a comprehensive lifestyle and culture company that will enhance your value.

VISION 2030 Scheme

VISION 2030 established the key values and
the business directions for
Hyundai Department Store Group for the next 10 years.

  • Mission·Vision
    The Group’s purpose?

      Bring Happiness to Customers,
      Enrich the World

    • VISION

      A company with the highest level
      of customer trust

  • Business Objectives
    What are we seeking to
    become with our
    • A company that enhances the lifestyles of customers
    • A company that creates future business value
    • A company that contributes to social value
    • A company that grows together with its employees
  • Business Strategy
    How do we operate
    our businesses?

    Become an everyday companion to our customer’s life and offer better value

    • Growth Strategy for each Subsidiary
    • Strategy for the Diversification of the Group’s Business
  • Corporate Culture Strategy
    What values do we pursue, and how do we approach our work?

    A culture with a flexible approach to change that actively takes on new challenges

  • Passion plus Communication plus Creation plus Partnership plus
    Safety plus Environment


Business Goals

Taking the new business directions in VISION 2030 as its foundation, Hyundai Department Store Group aims to double the Group’s sales to reach 40 trillion won in the next 10 years.

  • Customer
    A company that enhances the lifestyles of its customers
    • Develop and recommend products/services in response
      to the changing consumption patterns
    • Implement DT from the view of the customer,
      and tap into data to offer better value
  • Company
    A company that creates future business value
    • Secure a growth engine by discovering promising businesses
      in consumption/lifestyle fields
    • Ramp up the competitiveness of the existing businesses and
      modify the BM based on the view of customers
  • Community
    A company that contributes to social value
    • Propose hope for the future generation
      (stronger ESG management)
    • Develop a BM that creates public welfare and contributes
      to addressing social issues
  • Co-Worker
    A company that grows together with its employees
    • Introduce a performance assessment system
      that is oriented towards a shared goal
    • Prepare an institutional foundation
      for trust-based cooperation

Business Directions

Our business directions represent the Group’s determination to enhance lives of its customers across the entire realm of
lifestyle products for clothing, food, housing, and culture, and to offer fresh and unique experiences.

  • With
    your Life

    • Life
      The customer’s consumption
      activities in general
      (clothing, food, housing, culture)
    • With
      Identify and predict
      the customer needs in response
      to the changing environment
  • Better
    your Life

    • Value
      Unique experiences that
      enhance the value of life
    • Offer
      Tap into data with creative insights
      to propose new experiences

Values to Implement

This represents how we are building a corporate culture that creates innovations based on our 4 key values: passion, communication, creation, and partnership.

  • Passion

    • Bold actions to initiate change
    • Determination to become the best
    • Acknowledgment of failure and motivation to improve
  • Communication

    • Free and open suggestions of ideas
    • Exchanges of information and mutual feedback
    • A transparent and fair assessment and compensation system
  • Creation

    • Strive for the best through changes and innovation
    • Address inefficiencies to achieve a good work-life balance
    • Use creative insights to focus on the customer needs
  • Partnership

    • Achieve common goals
    • Oriented towards a trust-based community
    • Act with principles and standards
  • Safety

    • Promoting the safety awarness of all members based on sense of responsibility
    • Safety improvement by actively identifying the risk factors
    • The implementation of a safe working environment
  • Environment

    • The implementation of eco-friendly management values throughout the business process
    • The implementation of eco-friendly values that both customers and business partners agree
    • Encouraging all members to practice eco-friendly activities

2030 Business Portfolio

Our goal is to achieve KRW 40 trillion in sales by 2030, by further strengthening our three key business areas
(distribution, fashion, living/interiors) with promising future businesses, such as beauty, healthcare, bio, and eco-friendly products.
  • Growth Strategy
    the Existing Business

    • Complement the value chain
    • that is subject to the changing environment Expand the relevant businesses
  • Strategy
    New Business

    • Enter into promising fields
      that align themselves
      with the Group’s business directions
  • Lifestyle
    Culture Company

    • KRW 40 trillion + α in sales
    • KRW 2 trillion + α in profit
2030 Business Portfolio
  • Distribution





    • Customer data

      Manufacturing based

      • Healthcare
      • Bio
      • Eco-friendly
      • Beauty
    • Products/Services

      Platform based

      • Healthcare
      • Education/entertainment
      • Fulfillment
      • Senior friendly
    • Healthcare

      Dietary supplements, medical/relaxation devices, functional bedding, healthcare foods
    • Beauty

      Cosmetics, inner beauty, hairdressing products, beauty care devices
    • Bio

      Biomaterials, biomedicine products, biomedical materials
    • Eco-friendly

      Air-purifying products/solutions, waste disposal, energy facilities, eco-friendly materials
    • Healthcare

      Health specialty grocery stores, healthcare stores, online healthcare platforms
    • Senior friendly

      Products for seniors (welfare devices), care services (elderly care), employment/job hunting, traveling/hobbies
    • Education/entertainment

      Edu-tech, media content, smart learning content, MCN
    • Fulfillment

      Cloud fulfillment, smart lockers, delivery services
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