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ESG Management

Hyundai Department Store Group is conducting sustainable development through eco-friendliness,
socially responsible management, and the improvement of its corporate governance.

Coexistence Management

Hyundai Department Store Group makes multi-faceted efforts to foster partner businesses,
small businesses, regional economies, and excellent companies,with the aim of creating a fair and solid transaction culture.

Sustainable Coexistence Management Activities

  • Create a solid
    culture of
    fair transactions
  • Boost the competitiveness of
    our partner businesses
    and the regional communities to
    create a virtuous cycle
  • Effective
    support projects
    for shared growth

Activities for a Solid and Fair Transaction Culture

We strive to establish fair transactions with our partner businesses based on the fair
practices and the legal compliance of our management.

Activities for a Solid and Fair Transaction Culture

  • Establish work standards and
    conduct voluntary compliance activities

    • Declare the work standards internally and externally,
      and operate a dedicated work standard team
    • Programs such as field inspections at the working level
      and the publication of a voluntary compliance handbook
  • Educate the employees and
    listen to their opinions

    • Educate the employees and gather feedback
    • Operate a reporting center for unfair transactions
      and listen to the opinions of our partner businesses

Activities for Shared Growth

Hyundai Department Store Group is pursuing sustainable shared growth through
win-win cooperation with its partner businesses and regional communities.

Boost the Competitiveness of Partner Businesses

We have established a support scheme for each field and are providing support to expand the competitiveness of both parties and to create good outcomes.

  • Financial

    Liquidity support for our partner businesses (no-interest loans)
  • Support for
    Managerial Activities

    (Employee education and lower commission fees)
  • Marketing
    Channel Support

    Utilization of domestic and international channels
    (dedicated physical stores, etc.)
  • Welfare

    Enhanced satisfaction (children’s scholarships, etc.)

Foster Excellent Companies and Enhance Social Values

We are engaged in supporting our marketing channels, such as by discovering and fostering excellent companies,
developing differentiated products to enhance social values, discovering and fostering branding, and supporting SMEs and startups.

  • 01

    Receive applications for collaborative
    projects and support those projects
    to develop unique products and create specialized stores
  • 02

    Discover and foster excellent companies who are facing difficulties in their branding and
    in finding marketing channels
    (provide support in the branding and packaging of regional specialized products, environmentally-friendly projects, etc.)
  • 03

    Provide marketing channels to SMEs and startups in partnership
    with the relevant institutions
    (dedicated physical stores, special pop-up stores, free broadcasting, etc.)

Invigorate Small Businesses and Regional Economies

We provide win-win support for small businesses, to expand regional cooperation and to invigorate the regional economy,
as well as for traditional markets and regional customized projects.

  • Boost the Competitiveness of Small Businesses and Traditional Markets

    Boost the Competitiveness of
    Small Businesses and Traditional Markets

    Provide marketing channels, education, and shared marketing
    (tailored to the characteristics of each business)
  • Provide Tailored Support in Partnership with Regional Governments and Communities

    Provide Tailored Support in Partnership
    with Regional Governments
    and Communities

    • Hyundai Department Store

      upcycling of supplies and goods
    • Hyundai Home Shopping

      ice pack recycling campaign
    • Hyundai Green Food

      provide marketing channels for regional farms at festivals
    • Handsome

      fostering young dressmakers
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