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Hyundai Department Store

Service Facilities

  • Storage of goods

    Storage of goods

    It is an unmanned locker where you can keep your belongings or purchased goods. You can also keep cold-storage goods.

    • Location : 1st underground floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-1114~5
  • Delivery service

    Delivery service

    We provide you with short- and long-distance delivery services on goods purchased from the food section. You can use a delivery service more conveniently via the automatic customer-info entering system with the use of QR code.

    • Location : 1st underground floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-1902~3
  • Exchange and refund

    Exchange and refund

    We perform exchange and refund service on goods purchased from the food section. (However, exchange and refund may be restricted according to the nature of products in case of certain fresh food)

    • Location : 1st underground floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-1017~8
  • Stroller Desk

    Stroller Desk

    We rent a stroller that has been taken care of cleanly to customers accompanied with an infant aged 36 months or younger and have a lamp-type stroller sterilizer that can perform nearly 99.9% of sterilization in 15 seconds for hygiene and safety of both customers and their children.

    • Location : 1st underground floor, 1st floor, 7th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3290 (1st underground floor)
      82-31-5170-3291 (1st floor)
      82-31-5170-3297 (7th floor)
  • Gift Desk

    Information Desk

    It is a place where you can participate in various gift events and gift voucher events at Hyundai Department Store.

    • Location : 1st underground floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-1114~5
  • Information Desk

    Information Desk

    We provide customers with information about stores on each floor and guidance service to foreign customers. A portable smart phone charger is available for rental for customers to charge their mobile phone conveniently during shopping.

    • Location : 1st floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-1114~5
  • Watch/leather repair and cleaning service

    Watch/leather repair and cleaning service

    We provide repair and cleaning service. This section consists of Sundial (watch repair), Leather Plain (repair of leather shoe/bag), and Cool White (premium laundry). service)

    • Location : 2nd floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2242 (watch repair)
      5170-3291 (leather repair)
      5170-3297 (cleaning)
  • Clothing Repair Shop

    Clothing Repair Shop

    Clothing repair shop reforms, repairs, and cuts your clothing however you want for satisfying different taste in clothes.

    • Location : 4th, 6th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2421 (4th floor)
      5170-2600~1 (6th floor)
  • Club Desk

    Clothing Repair Shop

    Club desk is in charge of i-CLUB, the membership system of Hyundai Department Store, U-Membership, and Club Wedding. This place helps you join and provides information about the membership and saves mileage and arranges events and promotions for customers.

    • Location : Inside Concierge & Gift on the 5th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3280~1
  • Rest area for infants

    Club Desk

    We provide customers accompanied with infants with a comfortable and pleasant rest area for both of them to have a good rest during shopping. The lounge includes a nursing room, a cleaning room, and a sleeping room separately for more convenient and pleasant rest.

    • Location : 7th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2700
  • General Repair Shop

    Rest area for infant

    We provide after-sales service, including repair, exchange, and refund, and home appliance repair service on products, purchased from the store in Pangyo, of brands that only arrange a temporary sales event or are not open for business at present for being evicted.

    • Location : 8th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3283~5
  • Customer Service Center

    General Repair Shop

    The center is composed of Member Service Center (for guiding new members, reissuance, and payment for Hyundai Department Store Card), Gift Voucher Desk (in charge of counseling for and purchase of Hyundai Department Store gift voucher and tax refund service), and Insurance Desk.

    • Location : 10th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3501~5 (Member Service Center)
      5170-3100~1 (Gift Voucher Desk)
      5170-3520~1 (Insurance Desk)
  • Tax Free

    Customer Service Center

    We provide a service that immediately returns the exempted amount from the purchased products. Tax free benefit of up to 8% will be given if purchasing more than 30,000 won of products.

    • Location : 10th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3100~1
  • Customer Center


    This place provides counseling and a place to rest to customers. The center will help customers solve any problems they have kindly once a complaint is received on a purchased product or during the use of service offered by the department store.

    • Location : 10th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-4500~1
  • Café H

    Customer Center

    This space serves beverages and snacks for customers to enjoy in the Sky Garden. Customers who have received DM can select a free drink.

    • Location : 10th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3288
  • Community Lounge

    Café H

    It is a community space with the employees of the department store for the members of clubs of Hyundai Department Store for sharing various hobbies, such as travel, voluntary service, arts, beauty, and movie.

    • Location : 10th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3247~8
  • Topaz Hall

    Community Lounge

    It is a premium culture & arts space equipped with 550 seats and facilities for holding various performances, including musical and play, and concerts. We invite all customers to the world of culture and amusement.

    • Location : 10th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3260~1
  • ATM


    Shinhan Bank ATM is installed on the 1st underground floor and ATM of NH and SC First City Bank is on the 1st floor and Woori Bank ATM is on the 5th floor and Kookmin Bank and Hana Bank ATM is on the 10th floor for customers to withdraw or remit cash.

    • Location : 1st underground floor, 1st floor, 5th floor, 10th floor
  • TWG Hanging Café

    TWG Hanging Café 사진

    TWG Café, the high-end tea brand in Singapore, is located in Pangyo branch in the special form. Enjoy various kinds of tea collection offered by TWG in a hanging café up in the air like a tree house in a novel. A cup of tea served by a tea expert with expertise with his own pot will make you feel like you are in a private salon in Europe. And do not miss special tea food offered by TWG, such as macaroon made of grand wedding tea and Sakura Sakura Jelly with attractive scent of cherry blossoms.

    • Location : 3rd floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2361
  • Travel Gallery

    Travel Gallery 사진

    Travel Gallery offers you an amusing time at any time you stop by as if you go on a trip full of attractive spectacles and entertaining items. If you want, you can get travel advises yourself from scheduling to booking a flight ticket and accommodation at the travel desk. You can also shop unique traveling items or read a travel essay with a drink that reminds you of a great memory in a resort.

    • Location : 2nd floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2271
  • Concierge & Gift

    Concierge & Gift 사진

    Do you need to buy some gifts? Do not worry about gift any more. Concierge & Gift in Pangyo Hyundai Department Store has a premium packaging section that offers a perfect gift idea that will make even more special memory and add gift values. You can find unique and high-class gifts only offered by Pangyo department store, department store gift voucher as well as a ticket to a performance or an arts event that are great for people with different life styles, and other memorably wonderful gifts from one place.

    • Location : 5th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3250~1
  • Modern Children's book Art Museum (MOKA)

    Modern Children's book Art Museum (MOKA)

    Modern Children's book Art Museum was created to provide a place full of books like trees in a forest and artistic experiences, imagining children that dream and explore, running around freely. MOKA is the Korea's first museum for children under the theme of "book" and is a new cultural place that gives people an opportunity to understand both others and society through various sections arranged inside the place, such as a gallery of the original paintings of picture books, writer's workshop and themed education, and an open library, and diverse programs.

    • Location : Office on the 5th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-3710~8
  • CGV

    CGV 사진

    Pangyo CGV is a premium movie theater composed of the first IMAX in Bundang, 4DX for experiencing a movie with five senses, and multi-projection SCREEN X.

    • Location : 5th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-1544-1122
  • XTM Lounge

    XTM Lounge

    XTM, a matchlessly popular lifestyle channel for man, presents the only XTM Lounge in Korea at Pangyo Hyundai Department Store. Enjoy a comfortable break and a leisurely time yourself, watching XTM channel offering automobile, technical, and fashion contents through a number of its popular programs, including Top Gear, The Bunker, Code Zero, and Absolute Man.

    • Location : 6th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2603
  • MAJESTY (Traditional barbershop service)

    MAJESTY (Traditional barbershop service)

    MAJESTY is a traditional European premium barbershop and a grooming spot for men. You can enjoy every service that groomers need, such as head spa for healthy scalp, hair loss clinic, and nail care. When you need an evolution in your style, get various care-programs offered by MAJESTY and shop famous French shaving items and scalp-care items.

    • Location : 6th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2631
  • RESH (Shoe care and repair shop)


    RESH is a premium shoe repair shop created with an ambition of creating shoe-repairing culture. You can get technical skills and services recognized in Japan where shoe repair culture is pervasive at Pangyo department store as well. Stop by and get practical shoe care information offered by experts.

    • Location : 6th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2602
  • KidStar x Pandakat Kids Cafe

    KidStar x Pandakat Kids Cafe

    At Pangyo Hyundai Department Store, even kid's café is special. NC Soft, the top game company in Korea, presents PANDAKAT, a kid's café providing IT technology-applied play and education as well as a leisurely break. Let your children enjoy education and play at the same time through a cooking class, English education, and many other programs in a smart play space where physical ability of difference age groups are considered and various materials have applied for children to experience different texture. Give your children a special day at PANDAKAT, the best multi-media kid's cafe and a place combined of digital and sensuous playground.

    • Location : 7th floor
    • Phone Number : 82-31-5170-2713~4
  • Sky Garden

    Sky Garden

    It is a complex rest area where you can enjoy warm wind, green trees, clean sky, and a cup of hot coffee. You can enjoy leisurely happiness and rest at the same time.

    • Location : 10th floor
  • Family Garden (Merry-go-round)

    Family Garden

    You can enjoy a pleasant time with your children on a merry-go-round.

    • Location : 5th floor
  • Open Square (Void square)

    Family Garden

    This place is the highlight of Pangyo Hyundai Department Store for providing a place for customers to rest and enjoy various events.

    • Location : 1st floor
  • Food Court

    Food Court

    You can have a leisurely time, enjoying various videos projected on the ceiling of the court.

    • Location : 1st underground floor
  • Terrace Garden

    Terrace Garden

    It is a rest area for customers to enjoy a nice break before or after a meal at the food court on the 9th floor.

    • Location : 9th floor