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Hyundai Department Store

Service Facilities

  • Information Desk

    Information Desk

    Cleanly managed baby carriages are prepared for the customers accompanied with toddlers and wheelchairs as well as household medicine are also arranged for customer’s convenience. Tax refund, a guide service for foreigners and a cell phone charging service are also available.

    • Location : 1st floor
    • Telephone : 02-2136-9696
  • Customer Service Center

    Customer Service Center

    New registration of Hyundai Outlet membership, free gifts and travel-related services are provided.

    • Location : 3rd floor
    • Telephone : 02-2136-2233
  • Nursing Room

    Nursing Room

    Children requiring a rest can be taken care of in this home-like comfortable area. It provides safe facilities and a cozy nursing area, considering cosiness as its priority.

    • Location : 3rd floor
  • Kids Café

    Kids Café

    It is a café where both children and their guardians can use in multiple ways with educational/playing facilities as well as simple F & B menus.

    • Location : 8th floor
    • Telephone : 02-2136-9801
  • Repair Shop

    Repair Shop

    Repair shop reforms, repairs and cuts the materials requested by customers directly on spot.

    • Location : 3rd/4th floor
    • Telephone : 02-2136-9919
  • ATM


    ATMs for Shinhan Bank and Kookmin Bank are installed on a way to the customer service center on the 3rd floor to allow customers to withdraw and remit cash.

    • Location : 3rd floor
  • Locker


    There are lockers arranged for a customer’s convenience on the first basement level.

    • Location :1st basement level
  • Customers Lounge

    Customers Lounge

    It provides a comfortable resting place considering the cosiness for the customers who need a rest at a place like home.

    • Location : 3rd floor
  • C&U Convenience Store

    C&U Convenience Store

    C&U, located on the 8th floor, is a convenience store providing services related to living convenience and is also a rest area for a convenient life.

    • Location : 8th floor
    • Telephone : 02-2136-9700
  • Igaza Hair Service

    Igaza Hair Service

    Igaza hair salon provides comprehensive services on hair, makeup, skin care, spa, scalp care and many other beauty treatments.

    • Location : 7th floor
    • Telephone : 02-2136-9980