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Hyundai Department Store


  • Hyundai Department Store Card

    All services are provided related to Hyundai Department Store card, which offers various lifestyle benefits and interest-free installment payment options without any membership or annual fees.

    • Location : 6F, The Hyundai Lounge
  • The Club Wedding

    All services are provided related to Hyundai Department Store The Club Wedding, which offers special benefits for customers about to be married.

    • Location : 6F, The Hyundai Lounge
  • Hyundai Department Store
    Gift Card

    You can purchase valuable gifts or Hyundai Department Store gift cards. You can also exchange points or mobile gift certificates to paper gift certificates.

    • Location : 6F, The Hyundai Lounge
  • TAX Refund

    A staff fluent in foreign languages will be available at all times to help you get an immediate tax refund for the purchases you made at the Department Store.

    • Location : 6F, The Hyundai Lounge
  • CAFÉ H

    Cafe H offers membership-only beverages to enrich our customers' shopping experience.

    • Location : 3F
      Across from Barber Rewaxing Center
  • CH 1985

    Korea's first boutique cultural space for millennials and Generation Z, CH 1985. Enjoy a novelty-filled cultural experience.

    • Location : 6F
  • Petit Room

    A private petit room is prepared so that babies can be comfortably fed.

    • Location : 5F, 6F
  • Petit Lounge

    Petit lounge is a comfortable place where our customers can relax with their babies. It is equipped with private nursing rooms, diaper changing stations, baby chairs, sleeping rooms, kitchens, and etc.

    * Petit lounge on 5F is located inside of CH 1985. It is a small lounge for one person.

    • Location : 5F
  • Petit Service

    We rent premium strollers so that our customers can enjoy a fun shopping experience with their children.

    * Petit service is only for toddlers under 36 months of age.

    • Location : 1F, 5F
  • Gift Desk

    Customers can participate in various giveaway events, including gift certificate, 主-MONEY (mobile points for Hyundai Department Store), H.Point, and gift events.

    • Location : B1
  • Repair Shop

    Skilled tailors with alteration expertise will meticulously alter the clothes our customers purchase, using the best alteration equipment. The tailor shop on the 2nd floor specializes in luxury clothing.

    • Location : 3F
  • Dry Cleaning Shop

    Cool White offers premium dry cleaning services using carbonic acid. The dry cleaning service it offers is the highest of quality in Korea.

    • Location : 2F
  • Watch Repair Shop

    Watch experts meticulously repair the watches and clocks customers leave with them.

    • Location : 2F
  • Bag And Shoes Repair Shop

    Chul's specializes in highly difficult shoes and bag reforms and repairs using luxury brand raw materials.

    • Location : 2F
  • Self Locker

    Customers can leave heavy bags in an unmanned self locker and enjoy a relaxing shopping experience.

    • Location : B1
  • Concierge

    Concierge expediently offers accurate information on store and amenity locations, events, and other shopping-related information as well as help customers with renting and reserving different rooms and spaces (restaurants, CH 1985 lecture rooms, etc.) available.

    • Location : 1F
  • Sounds Forest

    Sounds Forest, a futuristic indoor garden that closely resembles nature, spans across 1,000 pyeong (35,583ft2). It is the largest indoor garden in Korea with natural lights shedding through a 20m-high glass ceiling, where the echoes of the forest can be heard and felt.

    • Location : 5F
  • Waterfall Garden

    Waterfall Garden has a large man-made waterfall of about 12m, spanning from 3F to 1F. Customers can breathe in clean, crisp air of the nature.

    • Location : 1F
  • Customer Service Center

    Our customer care staff is available at all times to help our customers resolve any issues or difficulties they feel with a purchase they made or a service they received.

    • Location : B1
  • Food Delivery (Close Proximity) Exchanges And Returns

    We provide close proximity delivery, exchange or returns for products customers purchase at Tasty Seoul Market.

    * The cost for delivery is free with purchases of more than KRW 0.

    • Location : B1
  • ATM

    ATMs of main Korean banks are located on B1 and 6F so that our customers can conveniently send or withdraw money.

    • Location : B1, 6F