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Hyundai Department Store

Service Facilities

  • Sky Garden

    As a complex resting space together with warm breezes, the shade of green trees, clear sky and white coffee scent, you can enjoy leisurely happiness and relaxation.

    • Location : 9F
  • Lounge with Babies

    You can take care of your children in such comfortable space just like your home, equipped with nursing room, diaper switchboard, baby chair, baby bed and baby bathroom. It provides comfortable, safe and cozy resting space.

    • Location : 6F
    • Phone Number : 82-53-245-3610~1
  • Information Desk

    It lends hygienically-managed strollers to customers accompanied by babies younger than 24 months. It also provides information about shops on each floor, shopping guide and guide service for foreigners.

    • Location : B2F
    • Phone Number : 82-53-245-3113~4
  • Tax Refund Desk

    From the Tax Refund Desk, the tax refund (maximum 8%) is given to customers who have purchased for more than 30,000won. In case of certain card companies, instant refunds can be made right in the site.

  • Coatroom

    You can leave your belongings here while you are shopping. It also provides food area guide service.

  • Information Desk

    It provides shopping guide for each floor, reception service for foreign customers and mobile phone charge service.

    • Location : 8F
    • Phone Number : 82-53-245-2800~1