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Hyundai Department Store

Service Facilities

  • CAFE-H

    We sell beverages and snacks that customers can enjoy at the Sky Garden. Customers can get a free drink if they have a coupon.

    • Location : 11F
  • Baby Lounge

    A comfortable place for our customers' babies where they can rest in a safe space that feels like home. Equipped with nursing rooms, diaper changing stations, baby chairs and cribs.

    • Location : 8F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3145-3718
  • Customer Service Center/Repair Shop

    Professional counselors kindly consult customers and improve their shopping experience.

    • Location : 11F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3145-3329
  • Hyundai Department Store Card

    New issuance and reissuance of Hyundai Department Store cards, loss, payment, and card limit consultation.

    • Location : 10F
    • Phone Number : 82-1588-4560
  • Hyundai Department Store Gift Card

    You can purchase valuable gifts or Hyundai Department Store gift cards. You can also exchange points or mobile gift certificates to paper gift certificates.

    • Location : 10F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3145-2000
  • Stroller Desk

    Customers with infants can rent strollers.

    • Location : B3F
  • Gift Desk

    Customers can participate in various giveaway events, including gift certificate, 主-MONEY (mobile points for Hyundai Department Store), H.Point, and gift events.

    • Location : B2F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3145-3346
  • Lockers

    You can leave your belongings in the coatroom to shop more comfortably. * Some items might be difficult to store and therefore may not be accepted.

    • Location : B1F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3145-3018
  • ATM/Bank

    You can withdraw and send money using the ATM.

    • Location : B2F/4F/11F
  • Tax Refund Service

    From the Tax Refund Service, the tax refund (maximum 8%) is given to customers who have purchased for more than 30,000won. In case of certain card companies, instant refunds can be made right in the site.
    You can also use the currency exchange service into dollar, euro, yuan and yen.

    • Location : 10F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3145-3266
  • Travel Agency

    We provide information and help make reservations for package and other tours.

    • Location : 10F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-761-5060