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Hyundai Department Store

Nearby Tourist Spots

  • Bongeun Temple

    A historically traditional Buddhist temple built in 794 during the Shilla Dynasty. It has trained many famous monks including Seosan, and Samyung, among others. And it possesses many traditional culture assets. It provides a rest area for locals and foreigners working in ASSEM, COEX, and Teheran Venture Valley, among others. One can experience Buddhist culture. It also operates a volunteer organization to guidance for foreign visitors.

    Location / Address

    Gangnamgu Bongeunsa Rd. 531, Seoul

    How to get there / transportation

    15min walking distance from Exit 6 of Samsung Stn.

  • Seolleung · Jeongneung

    Chosun Dynasty’s 9th king, Seongjong, and his wife, Yoon, are buried in Seolleung tomb. Chosun’s 11th king, Jungjong, is buried in Jeongneung. Seongjong was born in 1457 as Saejo’s grandson and Dukjong’s second son. He ascended the throne at age 13 in 1469, and during his 25 year reign, he did many good deeds such as encouraging and improving the educational system. He passed away at age 38 in 1494. The steel fence was removed and a stone wall street was built by the forest near the tomb.

    Location / Address

    Gangnamgu Seolleung Rd. 100, 1, Seoul

    How to get there / transportation

    5min walking distance from Exit 8 of Seolleung Stn.

  • Korean World Trade Center (COEX)

    The Korean World Trade Center was built on September 7th, 1988 to fulfill the need of local and foreign traders. One can run several errands in one place as it has a commerce building, Korean general exhibition hall (COEX), City Airport, Hotel Intercontinental, and Hyundai Department Store. The commerce building has 55 stores above and two in the basement, with 20 organizations related to import and export, and about 250 trade and financial companies. The exhibition hall consists of four rooms in one building and three rooms in another, offering three professional exhibits and many other permanent exhibits.

    Location / Address

    Gangnamgu Teheran Rd. 87, 58, Seoul

    How to get there / transportation

    10min walking distance from Exit 6 of Samsung Stn., line #2

  • Chungdam Park

    Up to the early 1960s, Chungdam area is the just marina for boat crossing the Han River from Tuksom. This is a small, undisturbed park in Chungdam city. There is a playground with simple work out equipment along a low walking path. It can be quite busy in the mornings. It’s one of the few rest areas in the city where one can breathe clean air, thanks to the many trees planted in the area. The park covers an area of 59,347㎡.

    Location / Address

    Gangnamgu Chungdamdong 66, Seoul

    How to get there / transportation

    10min walking distance from Exit 12 of Chungdam Stn., line #7