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Hyundai Department Store


  • Italian

    Il Cipriani

    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-3467-8891 Store locations : 10F

    This restaurant doesn’t use artificial condiments, but instead uses fresh ingredients bought each day to enrich the flavor and aroma. The food feels homemade from the Tuscany region of Italy. It is made with seasonal, fresh, natural ingredients and served on coarse pottery. It has an open kitchen for customers to see the food as it’s made. The scent of olive oil, garlic, and freshly baked bread will whet one’s appetite.

  • Korean


    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-554-6090 Store locations : 10F

    Somli is the former name of Iksan city in Jeollabuk-do. The name means “village” in Korean.
    Somli provides a healthy, naturalistic menu with rich flavor that is reminiscent of a mother’s homemade food.

  • Chinese


    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-3467-8390 Store locations : 10F

    Dowon, re-writing the history of Chinese cuisine.
    One can enjoy traditional Chinese food reimagined with various fusion trends, in a sensational atmosphere inspired by brand name fashion. Experience the creative recreation of tradition in Dowon.
    Dowon, one of the most famous restaurants in Seoul, inspires a new trend in Contemporary Chinese Cuisine.

  • Etc


    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-566-0606 Store locations : 10F

    Song serves everyone’s favorite pork cutlet, udon with buckwheat noodles, among others. It combines friendly service with food so good, the customers leave wanting more.

  • Chinese

    Crystal Jade

    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-3453-8811 Store locations : 10F

    Crystal Jade, a global restaurant serving traditional Shanghai cuisine
    This restaurant, specializing in Shanghai cuisine, has locations in five cities in Asia to share the excellence of Chinese food.
    A top chef dispatched from Shanghai satisfies the customers with traditional Shanghai food made with the best, fresh ingredients.

  • Korean

    Rose Hill

    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-539-2090 Store locations : 10F

    Rose Hill is a Korean beef restaurant, only providing pure Korean beef and fresh ingredients. Specialized in Korean beef Shabu-Shabu and stew, we serve sincerely prepared dishes to customers who visit Hyundai Department Store.

  • Noodle


    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-3467-8970 Store locations : 10F

    One can find a variety of noodle dishes from all over the world including Italy, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and others.
    The restaurant offers simple and clean flavors by minimizing the use of condiments, and instead, using fresh seafood combined with its unique meat broth and sauce.

  • Japanese


    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-3467-8692 Store locations : 10F

    It’s a casual Japanese restaurant with easy access, make a trend called New Japanese that started in the United States. Catering to customers’ preferences for a New Japanese style restaurant over a traditional one, Sushimoto was renewed into Hibiki.

  • Cafe

    Meal Top

    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-3467-8811 Store locations : 10F

    No words needed. When one hears “shaved ice”, one thinks of Meal Top.
    The secret to making shaved ice for 28 years is in its simplicity. There is not much decoration but it offers exquisite taste only with red bean syrup, shaved ice, rice cake. More than 50% of the shaved ice is milk, and an expert makes the beans. The rice cake dipped in honey is so sweet and soft that it is beloved by all.

  • Korean


    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-565-6464 Store locations : 10F

    A new name for Gomtang-myung-ga. It guarantees healthy and high quality food. The warm, thick, fresh tasting, beef soup is traditionally made in brassware and served with fresh radish Kimchi. Try this carefully made, thickly enriched, beef soup.

  • Cafe

    Autumn in New York

    Inquiries/Reservations : 82-2-567-1888 Store locations : 10F

    Autumn in New York provides New York’s flavor and atmosphere to the customers. An American cook and a carefully selected Korean cook are diligently making the tastiest American recipes. Autumn in New York’s corn beef, pastrami, and pancakes taste especially like those one might find in New York.