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Hyundai Department Store

Service Facilities

  • Sky Garden

    A resting space with a warm breeze, a shade of green trees, clear sky and coffee scent for customers to relax in.

    • Location : 6F
  • CAFE-H

    We sell beverages and snacks that customers can enjoy at the Sky Garden. Customers can get a free drink if they have a coupon.

    • Location : 6F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5060
  • Baby Lounge

    A comfortable place for our customers' babies where they can rest in a safe space that feels like home. Equipped with nursing rooms, diaper changing stations, baby chairs and cribs.

    • Location : B2F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5424
  • Customer Service Center

    Professional counselors kindly consult customers and improve their shopping experience.

    • Location : 5F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5500
  • Tax Refund Desk

    Customers who have purchased for over KRW 30,000 can get a tax refund (maximum 8%) from the Tax Refund Desk. Certain card companies provide instant refunds that can be received right on site.

    • Location : 3F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5801
  • Global Membership

    The Global Desk offers a range of services catering to foreigners, including interpretation services in English, Chinese, and Japanese, guiding, limited promotions, and services related to the the K-card .

    • Location : 3F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5207
  • CH 1985

    Korea's first boutique cultural space for millennials and Gen Z, CH 1985. Enjoy a novelty-filled cultural experience.

    • Location : 1F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-549-4560
  • Customer Service Lounge

    We provide various services related to issuance and reissuance of Hyundai Department Store Cards, gift certificates, weddings, and travel.

    • Location : 3F
    • Phone Number : 82-1588-4560
  • Coatroom

    You can leave your belongings here while you are shopping. It also provides food area guide service.
    ※ Items hard to be stored may not be accepted.

    • Location : B1F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5550
  • Repair Shop

    Skilled tailors with alteration expertise will meticulously alter the clothes our customers purchase, using the best alteration equipment.

    • Location : 3F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3438-6286
  • Food Delivery

    We provide delivery service for food products.

    • Location : B1F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5555
  • ATM

    You can withdraw and send money using the Foreign Exchange Bank ATM on the 5th floor.

    • Location : 5F