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Hyundai Department Store

Service Facilities

  • Sky Garden

    As a complex resting space together with
    warm breezes, the shade of green trees,
    clear sky and white coffee scent, you can
    enjoy leisurely happiness and relaxation.

    • Location : 6F
  • CAFE-H

    It is selling beverage and snacks for Sky
    Garden. Customers with coupons can
    select free beverage.

    • Location : 6F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5060
  • Tax Refund Desk

    The Tax Refund Desk is offering a Tax Refund service (5~8%) for customers who purchased more than 30,000won. For certain card companies, instant refunds can be made on the site. It is also providing the currency exchange service. (Dollar/Euro/Yuan/Yen)

    • Location : 2F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3447-5207
  • Concierge Desk

    It is providing every service related to foreigners such as interpretation into English/Chinese/Japanese, guide service and limited promotion for foreigners.

    • Location : 2F
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3447-5207
  • Coatroom

    You can leave your belongings here while you are shopping. It also provides food area guide service.
    ※ Items hard to be stored may not be accepted.

    • Location : B1
    • Phone Number : 82-2-3449-5550
  • ATM

    From the Foreign Exchange Bank ATM installed in the 5th floor and 2nd basement level, you can take out or send money.

    • Location : B2 / 5F