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Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability Management Overview
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Hyundai Department Store Group’s CSR Goals
    • CSR Activities
    • Social Welfare Foundation of Hyundai Department Store Group

Hyundai Department Store Group will be with you on the great journey of sharing love.

Hyundai Department Store Group��s CSR Goals

Hyundai Department Store Group participate in various green businesses to protect environment for future generations. Based on these efforts, we have obtained an excellent grade in an international eco-friendly certification GRP selected by the U.N.

  • ㆍHyundai Department Store
    Eco bag
    Vinyl Packaging with Biodegradable Materials
    Digital Receipt
    365 Recycle Campaign
  • ㆍHyundai Home Shopping
    Ice Pack Collection Campaign
    Frying Pan Recycling Campaign
    Shipping Box without glue, etc.
  • ㆍHyundai Green Food
    Using Organic and Local Food
    Menu Development Using Low-Carbon Food
    Environmental Campaign to Reduce Waste, etc.
Total Living
  • ㆍHandsome
    Manufacture Clothes with Eco-Friendly Fabrics
    Eco-Friendly Package
    The Establishment of Sustainable Energy System Using Solar Energy
Total Living
  • ㆍHyundai Livart
    The Establishment of the First Environmental Technology Center in the Industry
    The Creation of Carbon-Neutral Forest Commissioned by the Korea Forest Service
    Develop Eco-Friendly Certified Products
    Eco-Friendly Package, etc.