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Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability Management Overview
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Hyundai Department Store Group’s CSR Goals
    • CSR Activities
    • Social Welfare Foundation of Hyundai Department Store Group

Hyundai Department Store Group will be with you on the great journey of sharing love.

Sustainability Management Overview

Hyundai Department Store Group strives to become the most trusted company and propose hope for the future generations through the creation of social value

Based on the trust of customers and stakeholders from the ESG perspectives,
we strive to establish a sustainable virtuous cycle that creates social value through business.

Business Value, The Pursuit of Profit, Sustainable Growth, etc. Sustainable Growth based on the trust of the customers and consumers, and reinvestment in creating social value Social Value Environment, Social, Governance, Strengthen the trust with the customers and consumers by creating the social value, E Environment , S Social, G Governance