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Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability Management Overview
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Hyundai Department Store Group’s CSR Goals
    • CSR Activities
    • Social Welfare Foundation of Hyundai Department Store Group

Hyundai Department Store Group will be with you on the great journey of sharing love.

CSR Activities

Sharing Activities

Hyundai Department Store Group shares what we have with those in need including the children neglected, the elderly living alone and the disabled to make the world better, and for such goal, we conduct several activities in the medical, cultural and education sectors.

Volunteer Works

Employees of customers of Hyundai Department Store Group are united to perform volunteer works together, and by doing so, we share our love for others. By providing educational and cultural supports to those in need through various volunteer groups and programs of each affiliate, we are spreading our love to every corner of the country.

Green & Culture Campaigns

Hyundai Department Store Group has actively participated in green campaigns to protect the environment for the next generation of our hope, and also supported cultural development to let them enjoy rich culture.

Activities for Public Interest

Hyundai Department Store Group has conducted various activities related to, i.e., scholarship, social campaigns, social enterprise supports, etc. to help our society become healthier and more balanced.

Certification by a third party

In March 2020, Hyundai Department Store Group’s charity for women and children was selected as U.N model for Excellence for the first time for an entity in Korean retail and distribution industry. We will continue to lead the activities which support low-income women and children to gain economic independence, and to enhance their social rights through providing quality education.

※ Certification Details
Home Shopping (Women)
  • Hi campaign, a program that supports the all around needs of women, based on the women’s life cycle.
  • 1) The Hi-Girl project supports cervical cancer vaccinations for teenage girls.
  • 2) The Hi-Mom box project for pregnant women in their 20s and 30s supports healthy childbirth services and an appropriate childcare environment by delivering baby products and essential childcare supplies to low-income women.
Duty Free Shop (Single mother)
  • 1) Hi-Mom box project provides post-natal care and living expenses for low-income single mothers who are pregnant or in early stages of child birth.
  • 2) It also supports childcare, employment, start-up education for women to gradually support themselves, economically and socially.
Department Store (Children)
  • 1) Supported operation expenses for hearing-impaired children, sponsored a subsistence allowance and provided study rooms for low-income children.
  • 2) Opened a Museum of Kids’ Books and Art for the first time in Korea.