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Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability Management Overview
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Hyundai Department Store Group’s CSR Goals
    • CSR Activities
    • Social Welfare Foundation of Hyundai Department Store Group

Hyundai Department Store Group will be with you on the great journey of sharing love.

Hyundai Department Store Group��s CSR Goals

Hyundai Department Store Group’s CSR Goals
  • Increasing future values through the improvement of child welfare

    Despite the fact the there are lots of children in need of economic and emotional helps in our society, the interest in and support for the group of vulnerable children is still not enough. It is highly likely that poverty is passed down from one generation to the next as the children in low-income families are easily exposed to malnutrition and the lack of education. To tackle such situation, Hyundai Department Store Group, under the firm belief that if a country cannot give hopes to its children, its future won’t be bright, has continuously conducted CSR activities to improve child welfare.

  • Volunteer works with others

    Hyundai Department Store Group is pursuing the CSR activities where community members can participate together just beyond financial supports. All the member of the Group voluntarily participate in CSR activities for those in need. Also, we are well aware of the fact that the Group’s CSR activities can be more productive thanks to our customers’ generous participation. Each affiliate of the Group prepares the CSR activities where our employees, customers and community members can participate, and as doing so, we are creating the new culture of CSR activities.

  • Making communities culturally richer

    Hyundai Department Store Group is conducting culture and art events and green campaigns along with welfare-improving projects in order to make communities better.

Mutual consultation and support(CSR of Hyundai Department Store and its affiliates, Projects fulfilling the goals of the Social Welfare Foundation of Hyundai Department Store Group) (Activities to enrich culture, Green campaigns, Support for volunteer works, Support for low-income families, Support for disabled children, Support for single parent families, Child welfare projects, Sharing activities, Activities for mutual growth)