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Group Introduction

  • Group Outline
  • History
  • Vision Statement
  • Corporate Culture
  • CI

We become the most trusted enterprise to the customers.

Corporate Culture

Hyundai Department Store Group is sharing its CEO’s firm belief that organizational culture is all the more important.
We make efforts to create the culture where all employees, focusing on the Group’s core value, can voluntarily present creative ideas and opinions without hesitation. We will, furthermore, unite ourselves under the Group’s vision, and systematically and continuously develop into the one offering good working environment and contributing to both people and society.

Hyundai Department Store Group’s Core Value and Talents that the Group wants

Passion(Very basic of works and life): Not afraid of something new Willing to overcome challenges Believing that there is nothing impossible Accepting failure but improving the morale and motivation of members, Work innovation(Innovative company): Providing feedback on works and creating synergies Continuously upgrading ineffective work processes Building mutual trust and teamwork mentality among organizations Balancing work and life through innovation, Autonomous creation(Autonomous and creative company): Presenting opinions and showing abilities without hesitation Standing against authoritarianism, formalism, arrogance and egotism Improving creativity through open, active communication, Customer-oriented(Customer-oriented company): Keeping in mind that customers are our first and foremost priority Maintaining existing customers in a creative way and continuously inviting new ones Endlessly showing our genuine sincerity to customers, Sustainable growth(Sustainably growing company): Making efforts to be No.1 in each sector Continuing to find new growth engines Giving the opportunities of mutual growth with the company by nurturing employees, Coexistence(Corporate Social Responsibility): Contributing to society by making it better Having the win-win relation with partners by creating the virtuous circle Continuously building trustworthy relations