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Group Introduction

  • Group Outline
  • History
  • Vision Statement
  • Corporate Culture
  • CI

We become the most trusted enterprise to the customers.

Group Overview

We will offer the most reliable service to customers.

Hyundai Department Store Group has grown to become a comprehensive life culture enterprise into conglomerate ranking 22nd in terms of assets and 20th, net profit (according to the announcement made in 2020, public enterprises excluded in counting) by expanding business sectors from distribution to fashion, food, total living, media, rental, B2B, and construction equipment.
We will make continuous efforts to strengthen our existing business competitiveness in each field, and, at the same time, to aggressively advance into the areas which can create future growth engines.

  • Distribution
    • Hyundai Department Store/Outlet
    • Hyundai Department Store Duty Free
    • Hyundai Home Shopping
  • Media
    • Hyundai HCN
    • Hyundai IT&E
  • Food

    Hyundai Green Food

  • B2B
    • Hyundai Dream Tour
  • Rental
    • Hyundai Rental Care
  • Total Living
    • Hyundai L&C
    • Hyundai Livart
  • Fashion
    • Handsome
  • Construction Equipment/Manufacturing
    • Everdigm