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We provide information on our business areas and their affiliates.

Hyundai L&C

Hyundai L&C
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Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment

Company Name

Hyundai L&C Co., Ltd.

CEO Yu Jeongseok
Address 26, Euljiro 5-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone No. +82-80-729-8272
Date of Establishment August, 1965

Company Introduction

Hyundai L&C, as Korea’s leading construction material company over the half of a century, has provided a plenty of values to the life and space of human beings. It became a member of Hyundai Department Store Group in 2018. It is taking new steps toward a ‘total home living interior company’ to go beyond a construction material company based on its high value added technologies and innovative business platforms.

Hyundai L&C is producing high-quality premium interior stones, trendy and stylish interior films and wallpapers, eco-friendly flooring materials for residential and commercial spaces, window and door materials with 1st energy consumption efficiency grade, etc.. And it has developed a variety of interior products to meet the needs of fast-changing markets and customers, had a partnership with overseas premium brands to maximize customer satisfaction, and provided a one-stop service related to overall interior ranging from interior consulting, product delivery, construction to after service.

It runs Seoul headquarters, GALLERY Q display center, Sejong 1&2 business centers, tech center and 29 branches and direct distribution channels in Korea, and in terms of overseas operations, it has a production plant in Canada and foreign branches in the U.S., China and Europe. And it has aggressively advanced into global markets by establishing partnerships with leading global companies.

Business Areas

Business of Materials for Interior Design
Stones for Interior Design
We offer ‘Khan Stone’, engineered stones made of the 99% pure natural Quartz with the green certification of Korea and other countries, and ‘Hanex’, imitation marbles able to be processed in any forms including curve due to their porous characteristics. They are mostly used in kitchen top plate, bathroom wall and building counter.
Windows and Doors
We has focused on developing premium materials for windows and doors through the technical cooperation with Rehau, one of Germany’s top 3 companies specialized in PVC windows and doors. And we offer a variety of products for, i.e., balcony windows, window systems and doors and inner gates which will meet customers’ requirements including concepts and feelings to create beautiful, sophisticated interior spaces.
Flooring Materials
We produce the green flooring materials for housing considering the health of families and the high-quality ones for commercial buildings suitable for anywhere including schools, hospitals and public spaces.
We offer ‘Q’PID’ and ‘Q’ube’, premium silk wallpapers earning the class 1 of OEKO-TEX, and ‘Q’tie’, green paper wallpapers. All of them feature trendy design, distinctive technologies, various colors and sensitive texture, which can satisfy customers’ various needs.
This business has grabbed the attention of furniture markets due to the maximized synergy effects caused by the link with its existing construction material business and shown a continuous growth thanks to the sophisticated design using green materials and the exclusive contract with Italy’s best-quality luxury maker.
Deco Finish
We offer a deco film for home appliances, furniture and building exterior, ‘Bodaq’, a certified green interior film which minimizes the materials causing the sick house syndrome, and ‘Bodaq Tile’, a DIY adhesive tile sheet. All of them are popular finishing materials as having beautiful, sophisticated designs and the feature of easy-to-construct.
High Performance Materials
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
It is used as the film with even thickness for the shrink label of the packaging container and the film which is great in moulding and highly durable for drug packaging.
Window Insulation Film
This window insulation film can block infrared rays and helps to save energies for cooling and heating by minimizing solar heat gain and loss. And it is safe and reliable enough to prevent windows from being broken into pieces during natural or man-made disasters.
Waterproof sheet
This waterproof sheet for roof, produced with TPO, eco-friendly materials, is a high-quality, weatherproof material.
Affiliate Business with Overseas Brands
Arrital Cucine (kitchen furniture)
Hyundai L&C has provided Italy’s luxurious kitchen furniture to customers through the exclusive contract with Arrital Cucine, Italy’s high-end brand.
REHAU (for windows and doors)
Hyundai L&C has continued to have the partnership for technical cooperation with ‘REHAU’, Germany’s brand of window and door succeeding the world’s first extrusion of PVC window and door profile in 1958 and one of German top 3 window and door companies. We become more competitive as a premium window and door brand by applying REHAU products such as its balcony windows, divided-light windows and kitchen windows to luxury housing markets including reconstructed apartment complexes.
3B (for doors)
Hyundai L&C, through the strategic partnership with 3B, one of the world’s top 3 door processors headquartered in Venice, Italy, is taking a lead in upgrading a kitchen space by applying global furniture trends to it.
Distribution Business
Home&Q, a directly managed retail outlet of providing construction materials for interior design, offers one-stop services ranging from delivering various kinds of construction materials to performing construction works with materials. We have 16 directly managed retail stores in the country’s major cities including metropolitan areas and give the services of logistics, delivery and construction.
Home Pro
Home Pro, a directly managed retail outlet of selling raw and subsidiary materials for windows and doors, provided systematic management and quick services through its 13 directly managed stores across the country including metropolitan areas.
GALLERY Q, as Hyundai L&C’s directly managed showroom, offers one-stop total solutions of, i.e., giving information about materials for interior design such as flooring materials, wallpapers, windows and doors, stones, deco-film, kitchen furniture, etc. and performing construction works. It is also used as the venue for presentation and cultural events with customers, and in such ways, it has served as not only a simple showroom but also a cultural complex.
We are expanding our distribution channels to help customers to easily see and purchase our products via not only our directly-managed mall but also other shopping malls including Open Market.