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We provide information on our business areas and their affiliates.

Hyundai Livart

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Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment, Date of Listing

Company Name Hyundai Livart Co., Ltd.
CEO Kim Hwaeung
Address 566 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone No. +82-2-3480-8000
Date of Establishment June 2, 1999
Date of Listing November 22, 2005

Company Introduction

Hyundai Livart, following the 3 principles of green, design and quality, has provided living furniture (LIVART, LIVART online, LIVART kids), kitchen furniture (LIVART kitchen), living items (Williams sonoma, West elm, Potterybarn, Potterybarn kids), office furniture (LIVART office, LIVART haum), built-in furniture (LIVART built-in), marine furniture (LIVART marine), etc. to home and abroad to improve customers’ living environment. Also, we have contributed to increasing the value of corporate customers through MRO business supplying a variety of items according to customers’ business types such as sales promotion materials and raw and subsidiary materials.

Now, Hyundai Livart, under the brand value of ‘experience with space’, is pursuing <integrity>, <simpleness> and <new value> and offering a total service for space based on strict quality, new design and greenness.

Business Areas

B2C Business
Direct Sales Business
Livart Style Shop (direct sales store) is a total living interior shop where you can find all Livart brands such as living furniture (Livart), premium furniture (H.Mondo) and kitchen furniture (Livart Kitchen).
Agency Business
Livart agencies, as a community-based store for both metropolitan and local areas, offer a package for space interior design according to customers’ needs.
Online Business
You can enjoy a smart lifestyle with Hyundai Livart’s online furniture brand having practical and trendy design at reasonable price.
Overseas Brand Business
We run the offline stores and online business for 4 brands of ‘Williams-Sonoma’, one of the U.S’s largest home furnishing companies such as Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pottery Ban Kids and West Elm.
Kitchen Business

Livart Kitchen, armed with green materials and European design’s latest trends, offers suitable plans depending on products and spatial sizes.

Office Furniture Business
We present customized offices based on the design for effective spaces and ergonomic functions.
By adding sensitive design to functional office furniture, we present the products best fit for startups.
Built-in Business
Built-in Business
We supply residential furniture, kitchen furniture and wood processed products to large-scale housing facilities such as apartments and mixed use buildings.
Marine Furniture Business
Livart Marine, with long experience and know-how, supplies the most suitable marine furniture to a variety of ships.
Construction Business
Overseas Convenience Facility Construction
We construct the infrastructure of convenience facilities including residential, office and working spaces in overseas construction sites.
Overseas Public Work Construction
We build infrastructure such as roads, river banks and education and medical facilities for developing countries as a part of Official Development Assistance (ODA).
Construction Material Business
Raw and Subsidiary Material Business
We directly import and supply the raw and subsidiary materials used in a variety of industries.
Construction Material Business
We supply construction materials to over 270 large-scale construction sites in Korea, and directly source them from home and abroad to overseas plant, construction and civil engineering sites.
Building Material Business
We supply building materials like imitation marbles, flooring materials, interior materials and window and door materials to Korea’s housing and construction markets.
Furniture CM
Professional Solution of Construction Management for Built-in Furniture (CM Service Specialized in Built-in Furniture)
Furniture CM provides the products with best quality and functions through the systematic and comprehensive management service considering both customer companies and final users.
Space Design Business
Space design business is about creating a new space and giving a new life to construction with artworks, and sophisticated formative arts and planning help to increase the value of buildings and cities and to make a new environment. Formative arts, based on the regional contexts such as nature, history, tradition and cultural resources, helps to conserve the value of cities and creates the new environment for the brighter future through multi-dimensional analysis.
Material Business
Packing Material Business
Packing materials refer to the subsidiary materials used in export packing, and we deal with a variety of items such as corrugated box for general packaging and wood, steel palate, tray, danpla, etc. for special packing.
Export Packing Business
KD Part Export Packing, aiming at preventing products from being destroyed and deformed when distributing them, uses appropriate containers and packing materials to protect their content and appearance and do some technical works to maintain their value.
Industrial Material Business
We offer differentiated and customized services with the know-how of purchasing a variety of industrial materials according to customer companies’ needs including shipbuilding/ marine materials, distribution materials and factory materials.
Trading Business
We directly import and supply the raw materials and items used in a variety of industries.
Corporate Business
Corporate Business
We provide at best price a variety of affiliated services and a department store’s high-quality products such as the ones for shopping malls, groups, holidays and sales promotion and also, general items to meet the requirements of customer companies.
Uniform Business
Fashion Uniform Team, dealing with one of Korea’s largest uniform business, designs, produces and supplies uniforms with unique style like office uniform, working clothes and protective clothing to Hyundai affiliates (i.e. Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc.) and all industries such as banks, hotels and hospitals.