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Hyundai Green Food

Hyundai Green Food
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Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment, Date of Listing

Company Name Hyundai Green Food
CEO Chung Jisun, Park Hongjin
Address 30, Munin-ro, Dongcheon-dong, Sujo-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Phone No. +82-31-525-2233
Date of Establishment February, 1968/united into Hyundai Green Food in July, 2010
Date of Listing July, 2010 (Hyundai Green Food was founded)

Company Introduction

Hyundai Green Food, conducted the food business since 1973, has created the upgraded and advanced premium food culture as offering best products thorough quality-control and sincere services for customer satisfaction.

Its main business areas are food service, restaurant service, distribution of food ingredients, retail business, retail distribution business, etc. and it will continue to serve customers as a ‘green partner’ providing healthy and tasty diets.

Business area

Hyundai Green Food(Food Service, Restaurant Service, Distribution of Food Ingredients, Retail Business, Retail Distribution Business)

Food Service (institutional food service)
  • Offering various kinds of institutional food services to offices, industries, hospitals, public institutions, etc.
  • No. 1 reliable institutional food service company providing to 500 offices (500,000 people a day) in korea and 50 offices
    (100,000 a day) overseas
  • Giving professional and safe institutional food services by strictly managing food ingredients and establishing the sanitation control system
Restaurant Service
  • h'_Kitchen : premium food court where the chefs having over 10 year work experiences at hotel strictly select ingredients, cook best dishes and present new experiences
  • Overseas brands: running foreign premium food and beverage brands such as "EATALY", "Joe & The Juice" and "Venchi"
  • Vezzly Bakery: original and classic European-style bakery located at Hyundai Department Store
  • Café Vezzly: bakery café, a sophisticated resting place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee
Distribution of Food Ingredients
  • Providing fresh and safe food ingredients such as primary commodity and preprocessed and processed food
  • The overall process of distributing food ingredients is managed based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standard.
  • Establishing a speedy and accurate logistics system with the Cold Chain System
Retail Business
  • San Deul Nae Um: implementing the industry’s first ‘green safe distribution service’ and providing the high-quality eco-friendly organic products undergoing the process of quality safety guarantee
  • Livestock products: Hyundai Department Store’s butcher shop earns HACCP designation for the first time in the distribution industry, providing the high-quality meat from designated farms such as Hwasik Korean beef from Seosan farm,Jeju Korean black beef and Jeju black pork
  • Marine products: salting high-quality croakers in a traditional way in the HACCP-certified factory directly controlled by Hyundai, and also Hyundai directly manages the processes of selecting, processing and delivering the croakers
  • Super for industrial products: providing special daily necessities from this directly-managed Super, and offering over 5,000 items including imported food ingredients and organic processed goods
  • Supermarket & Convenience store: providing best goods and services considering regional differences (i.e. Hmart and H24)
Retail Distribution Business
  • Industrial products : having a mixed strategy of low price through quantity purchase and small quantity but various kinds
  • Fresh and proceed food : directly sourcing food from areas of production, and producing high-quality processed food
  • Sales via home shopping, etc. : conveniently able to purchase Hyundai Green Food’s special items like Yeonggwang Yellow Corvina, fruits & vegetables (i.e. apple and pear) and processed food via Hyundai Home Shopping and its online mall