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Hyundai HCN
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Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment, Date of Listing

Company Name Hyundai HCN
CEO Kim Sungil
Address 19 Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone No. +82-1877-8000
Date of Establishment June 9, 2002
Date of Listing December 23, 2010

Company Introduction

Hyundai HCN, as a Multiple System Operator (MSO), has made efforts to provide high-quality broadcasting services including analogue, digital and UDH broadcasting even to places where airwaves is hard to get since its establishment in March, 1995

We, in particular, have taken a lead in the world’s first UHD test-broadcasting and commercialization to quickly responding to the changes of the media environment according to the convergence of broadcasting and communications. And we have provided high-quality services to users by adopting Cloud UI and state-of-the-art broadcasting communications services like high-speed Internet, giga-Internet and Internet phone. We operate 5 channels such as Drama H, TRENDY, CHING, ONT and Health Medi TV via the broadcasting channel business of Hyundai Media, and also provide a variety of services like rental service (for CCTV, multifunction printer, electrical appliances, thermal barrier film, etc.) and Digital Signage.

In addition, we do our best to be the channel which can provide the variety of information and cultural content that communities want and help to improve communities’ quality of life by making the programs providing the news about communities and community-based programs. We are also trying to find the way of making communities warmer and happier by conducting community-based CSR activities such as opening an education center for low-income families, supporting multi-cultural families and nurturing talents among low-income groups. And we put efforts to create the good working environment for customers.

Hyundai HCN, aiming for healthy broadcasting, will always be with community members and is committed to take full responsibility as a leader in charge of developing the culture of communities.

Business Areas

Hyundai HCN Digital Broadcasting(Seocho, Dongjak, Gwanak, Chungbuk, Daegu/Gyeongbuk, Busan), High-speed Internet, Internet Phone, B2B Rental(CCTV, multifunction printer, thermal barrier film, etc.), N Screen Service, Digital Signage