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We provide information on our business areas and their affiliates.

Hyundai Home Shopping

Hyundai Home Shopping
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Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment

Company Name Hyundai Home Shopping Co., Ltd.
CEO Chung Gyoseon, Kang Chanseok
Address 34, Olympic-ro 70-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone No. +82-2-2143-2000
Date of Establishment May 29, 2001

Company Introduction

Hyundai Home Shopping has grown into one of Korea’s leading home shopping companies by providing high-quality items at reasonable price through various channels such as TV, Internet and mobile.

We plan to achieve the vision of 『Customers’ Most Reliable Global Home Shopping Leader』 by pioneering global markets with our strong stance in the domestic market and pursuing stockholder-friendly policies.

Business Areas

Hyundai Home Shopping offers high-quality items at reasonable price and more upgraded services to customers via our TV home shopping channels and Hyundai Hmall (online mall).

Hyundai Home Shopping(TV home shopping/T commerce, Internet/Mobile shopping)

TV home shopping/T commerce (cable TV, satellite TV, IPTV)

Broadcasting via more than 100 channels across the country

Internet/Mobile shopping (Hyundai Hmall)

Running a comprehensive Internet shopping mall