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table description

Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment

Company name Everdigm
CEO Jeon, Byong-Chan
Address 49,Buyeong-gil, Jincheon-eub, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk, Korea
Phone No. +82-1588-0758
Date of Establishment July 1, 1994

Company Introduction

Everdigm (Everlasting Paradigm) refers to the meaning that it will lead the new paradigm of the construction equipment market through relentless R&D and also, the mission representing our willingness and philosophy of satisfying customers.

Everdigm is one of the few construction equipment-related total solution company able to respond to the sectors of construction, civil engineering, resources and disasters by offering a variety of products ranging from concrete pump car, tower crane, generator, fire engine, attachment, rock drill and to rock tool. About 20% of its employees are dedicated to R&D, which leads to obtaining 58 patent rights, 11 international patents, 105 domestic and international trademark rights and 81 domestic design rights, and such investments make us competitive and outstanding.

It currently operates 7 branches in Korea (Seoul, Jincheon, Cheonan, Wanju, Chopyeong, Yangsna and Anseong), 4 overseas corporate branches in the U.S., China, the UAE and Mongolia and 180 overseas dealer shops in 80 countries.

Everdigm has the plan to have the moment of 3rd leap forward by suggesting the vision of becoming the global company offering heavy equipment-related total solutions, and to grow into the top-class brand leading the domestic and global markets.