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We provide information on our business areas and their affiliates.

Hyundai Rental Care

Hyundai Rental Care
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Company Name, CEO, Address, Phone No., Webpage, Date of Establishment

Company Name Hyundai Rental Care Co., Ltd.
CEO Kim Hwaeung
Address B1 Woojin Building, 753 Olympic-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone No. +82-1800-8888
Date of Establishment April 21, 2015

Company Introduction

Hyundai Rental Care, a total home care rental company creating the joy of life, helps make people have better life by providing good-quality goods and services at reasonable price.

It allows customers to use basic, home appliances and high-cost products in a reasonable way through a rental method. And with the after-sales services specially provided by Hyundai Department Store Group, it helps customers to enjoy the new, more convenient and incredible lifestyle.

It offers several services ranging from <Hyundai Quming> of renting home appliances such as water purifier, air purifier and bidet at affordable price to <Care Service> of managing every corner of your place pleasantly.

Business Areas

Hyundai Rental Care(Rental Service, Care Service)

Rental Service
  • Home Environment Appliances : water purifier, air purifier, bidet, etc.
  • Total Living : air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, Air Dresser, electric cooktop, coffee machine, mattress, skin care device, etc.
Care Service
  • Clean Hands Service : regularly offering after-sales services (i.e. change of filters, cleaning, etc.) for environment home appliances
  • Home Care Service : measuring pollution levels, cleaning service, LED sterilization, etc.

Brands of Hyundai Rental Care


Preparing Dreaming spaces with best-Quality and Unique services
by renting home environment appliances.