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Business Area

  • Business Outline
  • Distribution
    • Hyundai Department Store/Outlet
    • Hyundai Home Shopping
    • Hyundai Department Store Duty Free
  • Fashion
    • Handsome
  • Food
    • Hyundai Green Food
  • Total Living
    • Hyundai Livart
    • Hyundai L&C
  • Media
    • Hyundai HCN
    • Hyundai IT&E
  • Rental
    • Hyundai Rental Care
  • B2B
    • Hyundai Dream Tour
  • Construction Equipment/Menufacturing
    • Everdigm

We provide information on our business areas and their affiliates.

Business Overview

Since founded in 1971, Hyundai Department Store Group has continuously grown into the one offering reliable service to customers.

Hyundai Department Store, as Korea’s leading high-class store, is pioneering the shopping culture of each community while running 15 department stores and 6 outlets across the country. In addition, we run two Hyundai Department Store Duty Free Shops in Seoul which provide the pleasure of shopping for both domestic and foreign tourists. The Group has developed into a company comprehensively dealing with life and culture along with Hyundai Home Shopping, one of digital shopping leaders, Handsome, one of Korea’s top fashion brands, Hyundai Green Food, one of Korea’s best food companies, Hyundai Livart and Hyundai L&C, a total home care rental company, Hyundai Rentalcare, a living and culture brand, Hyundai Dream Tour specialized in B2B, Hyundai HCN and Hyundai IT&E leading the era of multimedia and content and Everdigm, a global construction equipment company.

In the future as well, we will strengthen the competitiveness of our existing businesses through changes and innovations and take one step further toward VISION 2020 by aggressively responding to the market and finding new growth engines.

Sales of the Group in 2020 KRW 23 trillion Distri-bution(City-based / premium outlet, Shopping complex More focus on online / mobile, Launching duty free shops, Stronger competitiveness in home shopping business, Home shopping business’s advance into overseas markets), Fashion(Advance into overseas markets, Developing new brands), Furniture(Household goods business (i.e. Williams Sonoma, etc.), B2C / B2B expansion), Food(Institutional food service / banquet, Company offering food service, Distribution of food ingredients, Retail distribution, HMR, Food service  with brands), Media(Cable TV, OTT (EVERYON TV), Expanding volp and PP, Digital signage, etc., Vr theme park, etc.), Rental(Developing new rental items (i.e. kitchen, mattress, etc.), Improving brand image), B2B(Strengthening the business travel industry, MICE industry, Strengthening the corporate service industry), Construction Equipment/Manufacturing(Expanding overseas markets, Strengthening product portfolios), Biz development strategy, Corporate culture strategy, Work-experience infrastructure strategy